The Alert Scholarship -
Frequently Asked Questions

When is the scholarship deadline?
There is no deadline. The scholarship is ongoing and one is awarded with the publication of each edition of Alert magazine—approximately once or twice per year for each state/region. If you meet the eligibility requirements then you may apply at any time.

Do I need an application?
No, there is no application. Just be sure to submit all of the required items along with your essay.

Can I see examples of essays written by previous scholarship winners?
Yes. Visit the previous winners page.

What if I want to apply for the scholarship, but I live in a state that is not on your list?
If the high school you attend is located in Washington, Idaho, Montana, South Dakota, North Dakota, Wyoming, Colorado, Oregon, or Alaska then you may apply for the scholarship. The scholarship is not open to high schools in any other states at this time.

Do I have to use real names in my essay?
No, you can make up names for the people in your essay to protect peoples' identities and privacy if you'd like. However, the events described in your essay must be 100% real. If you do decide to use made-up names, please mention that you are doing so in your essay.

What about using my real name in my essay?
We must have your real name and contact information in order to award you the scholarship if you are the essay contest winner. We also would like you to use your real name in your essay. Your name and photo will be published along with your essay if you are awarded the scholarship.

What if I still have questions about the scholarship?
Please go to the Scholarship Info page for a full explanaton of the Alert Scholarship requirements. If you still have questions you may contact us at [email protected] or 1-800-398-0842.